Charity and Non-Profit IT Services

Non-Profit IT Services For Local Charities

The work of the charity and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland is of incalculable social and financial value. We understand that most not-for-profit organisations don’t have a huge IT budget and are not aware of non-profit IT services that are available. 
At Support IT, we have a wealth of experience in helping charities access some of the best discounts possible from world-leading companies like Microsoft, Google, Dell, Cicso, Adobe, and Symantec, to list but a few. Our non-profit IT services can bring your organisation right up to date, while keeping costs to a minimum.

We would love to meet with you, understand what your organisation does, and let you know how any of our services could help you. Contact us today to arrange a 1 hour meeting, at our expense.

Discounted Rates

Support IT NI offer our services to Charities and Non-profits at a discounted rate of between 25 and 50% for the labour. You can benefit from the same great range of professional products and services that we offer to our business clients, but at a significantly lower cost.

The first hour's consultation to discuss your needs is on us, so get in touch today.

Support IT NI - non-profit IT services
Office 365 for non-profit IT services

Office 365

This is the same familiar Office applications, like Word and Excel, that you have been using for ever and a day, but with Office 365 they are brought up to date, and linked to the Microsoft Cloud. The benefits for you are:

  • Email and files for your staff anywhere.
  • Enterprise-class suite of products, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, and Skype for Business.
  • 1TB per user of online file storage, with files available from anywhere.
  • Enterprise-class email system, with 50GB of email storage per user, and emails available form anywhere.
  • Email and files, as well as Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available on Android and Apple devices as well. Work on your files on an iPad at home, then carry on where you left off on your office computer…!

All of this available at about 90% less than the standard commercial price*

*Non-profit discount offered by Microsoft, and subject to change or withdrawal without notice.


Charities and not-for-profit organisations have traditionally had to "make do" with older or out-of-date software.

Not any more!

We can use our extensive network of industry contacts to bring you up-to-date, enterprise-class software, at a fraction of the standard commercial price. Contact us today to discuss you needs.

Microsoft Windows Support IT NI non-profit IT Services
refurbished pcs non-profit IT services - Support IT NI

Refurbished hardware

From time to time we get second-hand computer equipment from our commercial clients. We recycle and refurbish this equipment where we can, and offer it to non-profit organisations at a low cost. If you don’t need the latest, fastest hardware, but want a machine for internet access, simple word processing, emails etc., then this could be for you, and would be significantly cheaper then new machines. At Support IT NI, we believe that even though it is second-hand equipment, you should still benefit from our professional installation and set-up services, as well as a 6-month hardware warranty. Contact us today to see if any of our current stock meets your needs.

Totally Free Software

If your organisation’s budget is minimal, or you like the idea of completely free software, we can help you there too. We have a wealth of experience in providing and installing open-source solutions. Some of the things we can do for you include:

• A free alternative to Microsoft Office, with similar applications, and the ability to read and save most Microsoft Office documents.
• A free email client, similar to Microsoft Outlook.
• Free image editing software, similar to Adobe Photoshop.
• Free Linux Server operating systems, which can function as web, file or email servers.
• Many other free programmes for common business functions.

As all of these things are free, it saves you a significant amount of your budget. You just pay for hardware, labour, and support if you wish.

There are some downsides to free software, and we wish to be up-front with you about them. The main drawbacks are:

1) Integration – Free products are developed by enthusiastic and generous programmers all over the world. Each individual or team works hard to make their application work as well as possible. The end result is a wonderful set of tools, but they don’t always talk to each other and provide the seamless user experience that a suite of Microsoft products can.
2) Education – Most users are used to Microsoft products. It can take a little time for users to learn new ways of doing things with free software alternatives. Support IT will provide an agreed amount of training to your staff to ease the transition and help you get started.
3) Support – While we do offer support packages for our free software installations, the only alternatives are generally online forums. This differs from paid-for software, where usually a telephone support line is available.