IT Support Packages

logo 300px transOne of Support IT NI’s core suite of services is IT Support – It is in our name after all!

We know that while you and your organisation may not have the budget, in-house skills, or sometimes even the patience for IT, the chances are it is a core part of your daily operation. Where would you be if your systems didn’t function for a day, or a week?

At Support IT NI we have made it our business to support yours. We are proud to offer a range of industry-leading support packages to suit both your business needs and your budget. Packages from just £15.

These are charged per user per month, allowing you to budget easily as a simple factor of the number of staff you have. Many competitors charge per device, meaning members of staff with iPad or laptops would cost significantly more.



life-saver-float-hiWe can provide support over the phone, by email, remote access, and on site. In addition to on-call support, as part of our packages we monitor and maintain your servers and computers, making sure they operate as efficiently as possible, for as long a possible, and helping you ensure you get the best value from the money you’ve invested in your IT infrastructure. We’ll also audit your machines, and let you know which are likely to need upgrade or replacement in the near future, which lets you budget accordingly as well, and helps avoid sudden, unexpected replacement costs.


How would you like to relax in the knowledge that your systems are in the hands of experts? Contact us today for a free 1-hour consultation.


Our Support Packages - Contact us for prices

 Office 365BasicsAdvanced
Response time for critical issuesProvided by MicrosoftWithin 2
business days
Next business day
Backups monitoringProvided by MicrosoftWeeklyWeekly
Monitoring of Firewall for alarms and suspect communications
Server health checkProvided by MicrosoftQuarterlyMonthly
Check of Anti-Virus and updatesProvided by MicrosoftWeeklyWeekly
Monthly check of workstations/environmentQuartlerly
Unlimited remote email support
Phone support1 incident per month1 incident
per month
2 incidents
per month
Quarterly system and application patching/security updatesProvided by Microsoft
Management of all software/hardware maintenance contracts
Setting up new user accounts, emails, and computersAs required1 per month2 per month
On-site tuition for new users
(1/2 hour per user)
Agreed SLA


office_365_cloudOffice 365
Our Office 365 package above relates to supporting an Office 365 implementation only. This includes:

  • Monitoring the Office 365 online environment for issues
  • Ad-hoc configuration of the Exchange online server as required, for things like out of office replies, special message rules etc.
  • User management including password policies and resets
  • Setting up new users and removing old ones
  • Installing Office software on your office computers
  • Configuring Office software updates
  • Creating and maintaining Sharepoint sites


Don’t have Office 365?
Contact us today and we’ll help you get started. We can even offer a free no-obligation trial for 30 days!*
*Free trial refers to Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Support IT NI set-up charges will apply, however we will include 30 days of our Office 365 support package (as above) free to help you get the most out of your trial.


Already have Office 365?
You do not need to have purchased Office 365 from us to avail of this support package. We will however require that you list us as your “Partner of Record” within your Office 365 subscription so we can access your services on your behalf. We can also assist with renewing your subscription with Microsoft each year, and we’ll provide this assistance FOC.


Need one of our other Support Packages as well?
If you need us to support your on-site computers and servers as well, our Basic and Advanced packaged include Office 365 support at no extra charge.