Computers, Networking and Infrastructure

Stop wasting your time with slow networking and computer problems!

As companies store larger files, gain more employees, your old infrastructure is being asked to do more and more. At Support IT we are determined to reduce the number of times your employees complain about a slow network and slow computers.

Providers of computers and laptops

Computers, Laptops and Workstations

We can supply new PCs, Laptops and Workstations from trusted suppliers such as Dell, HP and Fujitsu.

We can also supply custom built PCs and Workstations for specialist gaming and graphics applications.

We will make sure whatever we supply is suitable for your needs now and in the future. Contact us to day to discuss your needs.


Servers are at the core of most business networks. We can design and implement solutions which could:

  • Deliver content and files much faster to your end users, making employees more efficient. Much less “waiting for the computer”.
  • Allow your employees to use any PC or laptop within your organisation, and still access their files and emails.
  • Restrict access to sensitive company information based on which department an employee belongs to, or whatever criteria you wish.
  • Allow travelling employees to access files and email at your company office, or in the cloud, enabling them to work from anywhere.
  • Be fault tolerant, also known as “Highly Available”, which means work can continue even if “the server’s down”.
  • Connect branch offices to your head office
  • Automatically back up your users’ files, company shared files, or entire machines to both local and off-site storage, enabling swift restore times in the event of an accidentally-deleted file, or a physical disaster like a fire, and anything in between.
  • Save you money with reduced running costs.
Windows Server
Business networking


Your company network connects your staff with the resources they need, like files, email and internet access. Does your organisation’s network run slowly? If so, we can help find and fix the problem, or we can install more modern hardware that will ensure your network performs well for many years to come. 

Wireless / Wifi Networking

In this age of mobile devices, wifi is becoming more and more necessary, no matter what your area of business. Support IT NI are specialists in wifi technology, and we have many happy clients from business offices to B&Bs. Have a look at our Wifi page for more detail on the services we can provide.


wireless networking
enterprise file storage

Storage Systems

Files, email, images, daily and weekly backups, all these data add up, and you need somewhere reliable to store them. We can supply, install and support a range of storage solutions.

Simple desktop storage for quick access to frequently used files

Server storage for all your core company data, with advanced systems to protect against disk failure

NAS, SAN, or cloud solutions for enterprise-grade storage, off-site backup and disaster recovery.


Support IT offers a network cabling service. We can supply and install Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cabling for both indoor and outdoor applications, including appropriate conduit, terminations and faceplates.

Contact us to day to discuss your needs.



cat5e cat6 ethernet cabling infrastructure
virtual private network

Connect remote sites together

If your organisation is spread over 2 or more premises, you may find it benficial to connect them together with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

This lets you access resources like email and files at one site from another, reducing costs and increasing business efficiency.

Perhaps you have staff who travel a lot? If so a VPN would allow them to access the same email and files from anywhere.

Industry-leading Partnerships

Support IT NI has partnered with world-renowned suppliers like Microsoft, HP and Draytek to bring you top-tier solutions at the best possible prices.


HP business partner Draytek Authorised dealer

The way your networking infrastructure is built and configured has a vast impact on your business’ efficiency. You don’t notice your IT systems when things just work; Make sure you don’t notice yours!

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