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We can supply, install, configure and support all the common software applications which keep your business running smoothly. Special discounted rates from some suppliers for registered charities.


Office 365 BusinessMicrosoft Office and Office 365
Ubiquitous and indispensable, every business needs Microsoft Office. We can supply and configure on-premises versions of the Office programmes, or if your organisation is ready for it, we can help you move to the cloud with Office 365. Click here for more information and a free, no-obligation trial.



business antivirus softwareSophos Antivirus
How would your business cope if your IT systems were disrupted by a malicious attack? With Sophos you can keep every avenue of attack covered, including web, email, USB pen drives and many more. You can control Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, set policies to allow different levels of access to web content to different departments, and receive reports on the health of your system as often as you wish. What's more, it can all be managed from either a central server on-site, or from the Sophos cloud. Whichever option you choose, our experienced installers will have you protected in no time.



Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft Windows and Windows Server
Unless you rely solely on Macs, the chances are you have a number of computers with Microsoft Windows. If your machines are still using Windows XP, it has now reached its End-of-Life, which means it will not be updated by Microsoft any more and will soon become vulnerable to viruses and other threats. We can supply the latest version of Windows if you require an upgrade, or alternatively, all our new machines are supplied with Windows pre-installed. Have a look at our hardware pages to find out more.

If you haven't yet discovered Windows Server, your business is in for a treat. Windows Server lets your office PCs work in ways that make things more efficient, secure, and just plain "easy". The abilities of Windows Server are far too numerous to list here, but some of the key things it could do for you include:

  • Centralised password management, with enforced policies for changing them every so often, and account lockouts if someone else gets a user's password wrong a number of times. Also, quickly revoke passwords for ex-employees, or set up new users just as easily.Centralised user and account management. Your users can log on to any PC in your network, and still have the same files and settings. This means hot-desking is easily achieved, which is great for companies who don't have enough desk space for their staff.
  • Automated backup of users' files, to multiple places including Network Storage or Cloud Storage.Shared file storage, with customisable access policies, so the CEO gets to see everything, while the Marketing department isn't allowed access to the Financial department's files, and so on.
  • Remote Access to files, emails, printers etc, so your staff needn't lose touch while on the road.
  • Automated Windows security updates, so your PCs are always up to date.
  • A central place for Sophos Antivirus to manage your network, or for Microsoft Exchange server to provide email services to your office.



Business backup softwareSymantec Backup
Symantec has been a world-leader in enterprise backup solutions. We can make sure your user data is securely backed up, both locally and off-site, giving you peace of mind that should a disaster occur, from a deleted file to a fire on-premises, your data is safe.



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