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Everything today seems to be about the Cloud and cloud services. It can bring immense benefits to your business, enabling you to work in ways you couldn’t have before, including connecting remote sites and backing up business data.

As a Microsoft Partner Support IT is proud to recommend Microsoft’s 2 key cloud services platforms. At Support IT, we use both of these ourselves, and now we’ve converted, we wouldn’t go back.

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Office 365

This is a new take on the familiar Microsoft Office suite you have probably been using for years. Rather than purchasing an expensive licence, you instead purchase an annual subscription per user. The benefits of the subscription include always having the most up to date desktop software, installation rights for up to 5 devices per user, and access to the cloud services, which include:

  • Exchange online email with a huge 50GB inbox per user

  • SharePoint online for team websites, shared document storage, collaboration, file revision histories, team email, shared calendars and more.

  • Unlimited storage for user documents with OneDrive for Business.

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote online.

  • Access all of the above from anywhere in the world!

  • No more concerns about backing up email or personal files: It all happens automatically.

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Microsoft Azure

If you aren’t familiar with Microsoft Azure, imagine it as one gigantic computer, spanning the whole globe. You can purchase a bit of that computer’s power, and run software on it just like you would on your office server. You can connect it to your on-premises servers, and connect to it from anywhere in the world.

Here is a typical use case for Microsoft Azure:

You have a server in your office that acts as a Domain Controller. This is the most crucial piece of a Windows network, and you want to create a replica to back it up in case it fails.

Using Microsoft Azure, you can create a virtual replica of your Domain Controller in the cloud. Once configured, it backs up any changes to your office server every hour, meaning even if your building was destroyed, your company IT structure would be not only safe, but instantly accessible in the cloud.

A secondary benefit is that remote sites like branch offices could connect to the Azure Domain Controller to use its services, just like your users do in the office, getting the same files, security permissions and so on.

Microsoft Azure is a broad platform, on which a vast number of solutions can be developed, from simple web hosting to complex networks.

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Cloud-based Antivirus & Security

Sophos Cloud is the only security solution for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices that integrates endpoint antivirus, mobile device management, and server protection together into a seamless solution. With a simple, intuitive user experience, Sophos Cloud is effortless to deploy, manage and maintain. We can provide and configure both on-site and cloud-based solutions from Sophos, keeping your company or organisation protected from every avenue of attack.

Cloud Backup

We are work with a number of world-renowned providers to offer cloud backup solutions, keeping all your data safe and secure, all the time.Our packages start from just £3.75 inc. VAT for 25GB of storage space, and scale to a huge 5TB. Once configured, all backups are fully automatic, stored in multiple UK data centres, and fully encrypted with industry-grade security. All this means you can work in peace, certain that your valuable company data is safe and secure.

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At Support IT we will work hard to understand your business, and will present you with options that we feel will meet your needs now and in the future. These options may include any, all or none of these cloud services, depending on your needs and budget.

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