Getting Started with Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive cloud backup and sync

Microsoft OneDrive is a system that backs up your files and photos, and lets you access them on almost any device. And best of all, it's free!

You need a Microsoft account to use OneDrive, but you can get one here for free - Just click the "Sign up" button.

Simple. Automatic. Effortless


Your entire digital life can be stored in Microsoft OneDrive - documents, photos, videos, anything. The only limitations are the size of each file, so really huge video files might not work, and the total storage capacity. You start off with 15GB free, and you can grow this to a huge 30GB by downloading the OneDrive Apps for phones and tablets, and allowing them to upload your photos automatically.

Any why wouldn't you - You take a photo on your phone. A moment later it's safely stored in Microsoft OneDrive. The next time you turn on your PC, the photo is there waiting for you. Brilliant!


Work on the go

Word Excelpowerpoint onlineOneNote online

Microsoft have given the world free access to the online versions of the ubiquitous Word, Excel, and Powerpoint programmes, and they have added one called OneNote as well. This means you can store your work in OneDrive, and edit it from any web browser, any time you like. All for free!




Access files anywhere

Access Anywhere

You can get to your files and photos from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can sign in to the OneDrive site, and all your files are waiting for you, in the same familiar folders you have them in on your PC.




file sharingShare with others

OneDrive is built for sharing. It lets you easily share single files or photos, or even whole folders, with anyone. You can share a whole photo album with your family, or a single file with a colleague. And if when you change that album or that file, they see the changes too! If you decide you want to make things private again, stopping sharing is just a few clicks away.



We've written a couple of step-by-step guides to get you started. You can find them here:

OneDrive - Working with Files and Folders

OneDrive - Sharing



OneDrive Apps can be downloaded here:

Google Play for Android

AppStore for iOS



If you need more storage, or professional features, OneDrive's bigger brother is called OneDrive for Business, and comes with 1TB (that's 1000GB) of storage. You won't fill that in a hurry! OneDrive for Business can be purchased on its own, or alternatively it comes as part of many Office 365 subscriptions. Or if you'd like a hand getting set up with the free version of OneDrive, give us a call and we can come to you, get it set up, and make sure you understand it, all for a low hourly rate.